Today we have completed our three-week long intensive training on Facilitated Collective Action Process (FCAP) which will guide the implementation Titukulane FCAP project in Malawi. With funding and technical support from Spark MicroGrants, SOFF trained 12 Community Based Facilitators (CBF) from 7 villages and 5 women’s cooperatives, from Traditional Authorities Masula, Chiseka, Khongoni and Chadza in Lilongwe rural.
Titukulane FCAP project is being implemented as a pilot in Malawi, having successfully improved livelihoods, community assets and collective action in Rwanda and Uganda. The training was blended with various facilitation techniques, including presentations, group work, and onsite facilitation in two accelerated communities.
As we complete our first phase of the training, we look back and reflect on this amazing journey, with our partners from Spark Microgrants in Rwanda and Uganda. Our CBF are also equipped with knowledge, facilitation skills, and resources such as Buffalo Bicycles and smart phones to support their operation in the FCAP process and ensure quality generation of data to inform evidence based community development