Keeping Girls
in School



Her Excellency Madam Monica Chakwera, The First Lady of the Republic of Malawi launched a Secondary School Bursary Program  in the year 2020, delivered by her foundation “Shaping Our Future”, to support vulnerable girls and boys from rural areas  to attain quality and equitable education in Malawi. The goal is to support 5,000  students at the ratio of 75%;25% for girls and boys respectively by 2026.  The bursary   provides  full  tuition for secondary school education,  uniforms, and examination fees for form two and form four students.


Titukulane FCAP :


In 2022, SOFF  expanded its programmatic area in economic empowerment, to implement Titukulane FCAP project, funded by Spark Microgrants. The Titukulane project, is being implemented as a pilot to support vulnerable women’s groups and ultra-poor villages in rural areas to become economically self-reliant  and improve their livelihood.


Using an innovative model of Facilitated Collective Action Process (FCAP), 12 targeted communities in TAs Chadza, Masula, Chiseka, Chingala, Dzalanyama and Khongoni were been mapped and led through regular facilitated meetings to organize, conceptualize a business project and given microgrants ranging from  $5,000 to $15,000 to  implement their projects.

Sexual Reproductive Health

Eliminating Violence Against Girls and Women


Through partnership with Action Aid Malawi, and UN Women , Shaping Our Future Foundation was sub-granted $30,000 to support implementation of Spotlight Initiative Project. The project is a multi-year initiative focused on eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG) and advancing sexual and reproductive health justice.


Supporting needs of Street Connected Children

Equality for Street Children



Our approach to supporting street children in centered on education and provision of mental health services for rehabilitation. Through partner organizations, we seek to empower street children  by  providing school bursaries, referring them to psychosocial counselling, and working with their communities for economic empowerment.