Keeping Girls
in School



In 2021 to 2022 financial year, Shaping Our Future Foundation (SOFF), targeted to increase scholarships for girls in rural and ultra-poor households by 33% (baseline:300). However, this target has been surpassed with 1,636 full and partial scholarships awarded across the country. 51% (835) were girls and 49% (801) were boys. About 417 were full scholarships, providing tuition, uniform and examination fees. These scholarships were awarded directly by SOFF and through a partnership with Merck Foundation and UNAIDS. The total budget for scholarships in the year amounted to MK 102,516,161, with 97% (MK99,440,676) going towards full scholarships


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Spotlight Initiative:

Titukulane Project


In 2022, SOFF has expanded its programmatic area in economic empowerment, with its first big grant of $95,000, to implement Titukulane project, funded by Spark Microgrants. The Titukulane project, is being implemented as a pilot, from August 2022 to April 2023, to support vulnerable women’s groups and ultra-poor villages in rural areas to become economically self-reliant and advance girls’ education, health, and community development.


Using an innovative model of Facilitated Collective Action Process (FCAP), 12 targeted communities in TAs Chadza, Masula, Chiseka and Khongoni have been mapped and will be led through regular facilitated meetings to organize, conceptualize a business project and be given a microgrant of $5,000 to implement their project.

Sexual Reproductive Health

Spotlight Initiative:

Eliminating Violence Against Girls
and Women


Through Action Aid Malawi, Shaping Our Future Foundation was sub-granted $30,000 to support implementation of Spotlight Initiative Project. The project is a multi-year initiative focused on eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG) and advancing sexual and reproductive health justice.


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Supporting needs of Street Connected Children

Spotlight Initiative: 


Education + Health + economic empowerment= sustained re-integration, positive parenting,

GBV prevention mainstreamed

  • Educational Support
  • Health (GBV prevention and SRHR)
  • Economic empowerment
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