Mrs. Elizabeth Gondwe

Mrs. Elizabeth Gondwe is an experienced Financial Management Specialist with solid administrative and managerial background obtained from working for 5 years under the Energy Sector Project in the Ministry of Natural Resources Energy and Mining funded by the World Bank, two and a half  years  under the Business Environment Strengthening and Technical Assistance Project in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, 6 years with the Financial Management, Transparency and Accountability Project in the Office of the President and Cabinet both funded by the World Bank and co-financed by the European Union, 3 years with the District Water Supply Project under Ministry of Water Development, funded by the African Development Bank and 3 years under  the Education Development Management Unit(EDMU) in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology funded by the World Bank.


Having worked as the in charge of the financial management and accounting functions of various Donor funded projects in Malawi, she has developed the ability to deliver against tight deadlines and responds positively to changing circumstances and needs.


Mrs. Gondwe holds Master of Business Administration from the Strathclyde University,

Glasgow, UK obtained in 1997. She also has a Bachelor of Accountancy/Commerce and Diploma in Business Studies        from the University of Malawi, The Polytechnic obtained in 1984 and 1975, respectively.


She has worked in the Malawi Government all her life and as such she has gained a lot of experience on government processes and procedures.


Her biggest achievement has been the fact that for all the projects she worked on, none had a qualified audit report, all of them were clean reports. Issues raised were very minimal. She also proud to say that she impressed Auditors from the African Development Bank and that they commended her for keeping up-to-date accounting records and they had recommended that she should gather all the accountants on ADB projects in Malawi and train them on how to maintain accounting records.

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    Thank you for the great work you do well am a single mother based in uganda have three children and all is not well especially in the condition it’s hard to take my children to school am requesting for support me to start up a small poultry firm so that I can be able to take my children to school please.

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