Girls Mentorship Program

SOFF initiated a one-on-one girls mentorship program in 2020 with the aim of providing girls with guidance and a platform of exposure to useful information and opportunities. Since its inception, the number of mentors has increased from 10 to 26 this year, supporting 52 students in the central and southern regions.


In the year, SOFF also partnered with Girls Education Trust to organize a first ever girls empowerment retreat, aimed to inspire and empower over 200 girls from secondary schools across Malawi, of which 24 were recipients of SOFF’s scholarships from 15 secondary schools.


Fundraising for Girls Education

This year, SOFF hosted a Women´s Leadership and Networking Breakfast to raise funds for girls’ scholarships. The breakfast had over 50 partners to raise a target of MK 15,000,000 as well as share stories of change for investing in girls’ education.


Katowo Hostel Construction Project

Girls hostel construction in CDSS

After seeing the plight in CDSS across the country, SOFF is looking forward to building girls hostels to give girls decent accommodation, protecting the girls from would be perpetrators of sexual violence to the girls and give them a heart to work hard and concentrate on school work than any other that distrcts. With Funding from Embassy of Japan, SOFF is constructing an eight-bed capacity girls’ hostel at Katowo community Day Secondary school, one of the hard-to-reach schools in Rumphi district.

In a bid to provide safe and friendly learning environment for girls in rural areas, SOFF started the construction of an eighty-bed capacity girls hostel at Katowo CDSS in Rumphi, with funding of MK95,728,875 ($116,035) from Embassy of Japan. The hostel is expected to be completed in September 2022 and will start operating in October 2022, as students begin their 2022 to 2023 academic year.

Merck Foundation “More than a mother”

 MerckFoundation has provided 19 scholarships to Malawian Doctors for one year online diploma in medical specialties such as Acute Medicine, Sexual and Reproductive Medicine and diabetes among others. We have 9 doctors and nurses enrolled for oncology training and 3 doctors enrolled for fertility training in India as soon as the covid 19 diminished. These specialties are of great significance for Malawi as they will contribute towards establishing a skilled team of doctors to improve access to quality and equitable cancer care, and establish a strong platform to assist infertile couples in the

Empowering Bena. We are empowering women that cannot conceive bygiving them capital injection so that they can stand on their own. Some of these mothers are taking care of not their biological