Dr. John Paul is a renowned development practitioner in the fields of Energy, Rural livelihoods, Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy and a Master of Arts both in Development Studies from Nelson Mandela University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education majoring in Geography from Mzuzu University in Malawi.


He is the founder of “Africa Green Economy”, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Malawi where he currently works as Country Director. Before founding this organization, Dr. Paul worked for other NGOs and recently served as a Project Manager in Total LandCare-Malawi for 5 Years under a Project on Climate Change Resilience funded by the Department for International Development (DfID). He was again the lead researcher responsible for Malawi in the same organization, for the Africa research programme on “Sustainable Agricultural Intensification Research and Learning in Africa” (SAIRLA) which was implemented in Malawi, Ghana and Burkina Faso.


Dr. Paul is a Master Trainer in Gender Action Learning System (GALS) a community empowerment methodology which is becoming more popular in many parts of Africa including Malawi. He is also a visiting Lecturer in Development Studies at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa and research supervision forms part of his assignments at this University. He is hoping to cascade his practical experience to a wider population in the process of building a new Malawi.

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  • Susan Flynn says:

    Would like to make contact please for two reasons –

    1) Chanasa Malawi and Chifundo UK aim to empower girls and women through funding their education and income generation. Since 2018 we have been working with state schools in the Blantyre area and have developed the Lotus Project. This involves 5 elements – 1) menstrual health training for children and adults, 2) providing Lotus Packs to girls which include 4 reusable COMPOSTABLE sanitary pads, 3) training of mothers how to make pads and to set up small business 4) when funding possible provision of blocks of toilets with changing rooms and water storage supply 5) Lessons learnt from feedback and service improved http://www.chanasachifundomalawi.org – belief that compostable pads important to save the environment
    We should be interested to supply the Foundation with Lotus Pads

    2) Midima Holdings Ltd. have a business proposal which will focus on eco friendly production of pulses and benefit thousands of local farmers. It involves processing and packaging pulses which are beneficial in so many different ways and the scale of the project is such that it will make an impact. It is proposed to have a number of AGRO BUDDIES who are experienced pulse farmers, able to get alongside famers and who are good communicators. Mr Bashir Osman is the Chair and his contact details are bashir@midimamw.com It would be helpful for him to talk with you

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