Dr. Bernadette Malunga

Dr. Bernadette Malunga holds a PhD in Law from the University of Nairobi, a Master’s Degree in Women’s Law from the University of Zimbabwe and an LLB (Hons) Degree from the University of Malawi; She is a Lecturer at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College. She has vast expertise and experience in gender and the law and administrative justice. She is passionate about women’s, children’s rights and governance.

Dr. Malunga is also Board Chairperson of Citizen Alliance; Board Member of Women Lawyers Association and Cross Border Traders Association of Malawi.


  • Susan Flynn says:

    Hallo. Please have a look at our website. It would be really helpful if you could promote the work we do as a small charity – Chanasa Malawi as our wim is to empower girls and women through funding their education and income generation. We also work in state funded schools with the Lotus Project dealing with menstrual health training, Lotus Packs with reusable compostable sanitary pads, training of mothers how to make pads and start small business and when funding permits we build blocks of toilets and changing rooms with a water storage supply.

  • SUSAN FLYNN says:

    Dear Dr Malunga

    May I introduce two small charities – Chanasa Malawi (2014) and Chifundo UK (2015) ? http://www.chanasachifundomalawi.org
    They are sister charities and aim to empower girls and women by funding their education and enabling them to generate income.

    Chanasa Women’s Enterprise is 60 women based in poor suburbs of Blantyre – Ndirande, Chilomoni, Limbe and Soche East.
    They 1) Make sustainable fashion accessories using recycled denim and cotton mixed with African fabrics
    2) Undertake large orders for universities and government departments both in Malawi and the UK – currently making 200 tote bags for the Irish Embassy in Malawi
    3) Make reusable, compostable sanitary pads and bags as part of Lotus Packs for girls at state schools in the Blantyre area. They also undertake menstrual health training with girls, boys, mothers and staff and train mothers how to make pads and bags

    CHANASA has three Malawi female trustees and because I have had to stand down because of ill health, Chanasa is looking for a trustee/new Chair

    If you or anyone you know could offer leadership, has a passion for empowering girls and women, is interested to to develop a fabric based business and has time to commit, please can they make contact with me? sflynn@waitrose.com 0044 7724963280 (Whatts app)

    With thanks Susan Flynn M.Th B.A

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